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Aquasweep Original Oscillator by Scott Aerator Customer Reviews

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  • Hi - I have a Kasco Dock Mounted De-Icer/Circulator. Will the Scott Oscillator work with my Kasco water circulator?

    Yes - The Scott Oscillator can be used with the Kasco dock mounted deicer and also with other Kasco models that use the Kasco Universal Dock Mount or the Kasco Industrial Dock Mount.

    The rotating shaft of the Scott Oscillator is a standard 1" IPS (Iron Pipe Size).

    The Kasco Universal Dock Mount also uses a 1" IPS pipe. To attach the two 1" pipes together - a 1.25" pipe (such as a 1.25" Galvanized pipe nipple) can be used as a connecting sleeve. To accomplish this, drill 2 holes, one at each end of the 1.25" pipe nipple, and then use a bolt to attach the 1.25" sleeve to each 1" pipe.

    The Kasco Industrial Dock Mount uses a 1.5" IPS pipe. By drilling a bolt hole in the 1.5" Industrial Dock Mount pipe, the Industrial Dock Mount can be directly mounted onto the Oscillator's 1" pipe.

    By using this method, the Scott Oscillator can also be connected to other water movers such as the Power House Ice Eater.

    If this explanation was confusing, please give us a call and we'll walk you through the steps.

  • I noticed that one of the pictures shows a brace between the Oscillator and and the Aquasweep's poles. Is this included with the Oscillator?

    Yes - The Stabilizer Flange is included with the Oscillator. It keeps the fixed and rotating shafts parallel when the Oscillator is in operation.

  • Just installed the Oscillator, do I need to program it or will it turn by itself?

    Here are the programming instructions to set the left and right limits of the rotation:

  • We have about 3 feet deep of muck all around our dock area which is about 32 feet long . What is the success of clearing this area with this oscillator ?

    The Oscillator, when paired with the Scott Aquasweep, is VERY effective in moving muck - even up to several feet deep or deeper. It creates a strong current of water that erodes and pushes the muck away.

    Keep in mind that this listing is ONLY for the Oscillator. You still need to get a Scott Aquasweep Lake Muck Blaster to complete the package.

  • Will the oscillator work by mounting it with the dock post mounting bracket, or does it require the dock mounting bracket?

    The oscillator is compatible with and works great when mounted in either the dock post mounting bracket or in the dock plate mount.

  • What is the electrical current draw of the oscillator with 100 foot cord?

    The Oscillator operates from a 12V DC transformer which steps down the 120V AC input voltage down to 12V DC. The maximum Amp draw this transformer is rated for is .42 AMPs. For electrical load planning calculations, I would round this to 0.5 AMPs. During normal operation, the actual AMP draw will likely be much lower than this.

  • I have about a 60' run to electrical- If I purcahse the Oscillator, does that plug into the Aquasweep, and then the cord from the Aquasweep runs to the plug-in on shore? Or will both the Aquasweep and the Oscillator need to be pluged in separte at shore?

    Both the Aquasweep and the Oscillator will plug in separately. Therefore both the Aquasweep and the Oscillator will require cables to be run back to the electrical outlets.

  • Does this come with dock mount and everything you need to just install and start it?

    This listing is JUST for the Oscillator. 

    This Oscillator assembly consists of the following components:
         1. The motor head that drives the Oscillating motion
         2. A fixed shaft that is used to mount the Oscillator to the dock
         3. A rotating shaft that power head and mounting yoke of the Aquasweep or De-Icer bolts onto
         4. An adjustable height horizontal stabilizing plate that helps maintain the fixed and rotating shafts a set distance apart
         5. The power cable

    If you order the just the Oscillator, you will need to already have a Dock Mounted Aquasweep or De-Icer in order to put the Oscillator into service. 

    This Oscillator does not ship with a Dock Mounting Plate. You will use the existing Dock Mounting Plate or the Dock Post Mount Bracket that came with your Aquasweep or De-Icer to mount it to your dock.

    You can order a complete Aquasweep with an Oscillator by going to this link:
    Dock Mounted Aquasweep with Oscillator

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