EasyPro Pond Products

EasyPro Pond Products provides innovative products and designs, with years of hands-on installation experience and a willingness to listen to customers. From their patented skimmers and modular spillways, to their unique waterfall diffuser and fountain basins, EasyPro's product line continues to evolve.

Stoney Creek/EasyPro celebrated their 40th anniversary in 2010. With 40 years in the fishery and aquatic equipment business, including 25 years in the water feature business, Stoney Creek/EasyPro offers years of hands-on experience. They are appreciative and honored with the mutual respect and trust of each business partnership.

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EasyPro De-Icer Kit

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EasyPro Fountain Light Kit

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EasyPro 1-HP 230V Floating Aqua Fountain

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EasyPro 1-HP Floating Aqua Fountain

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EasyPro 1/2-HP Floating Aqua Fountain

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EasyPro 1500W Thermo Pond Heater De-Icer

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