Veteran-Owned Business


Proud Veteran Owned Business Member!

At Kinetic Water Features, we’re proud to be a veteran-owned business. It’s a core part of our identity, and it forms part of our dedication to our customers and our promise of excellent service. We hope that you’ll also be proud to work with a business that has service to America at its core.

Being a Veteran-Owned Business

To qualify as a veteran-owned business, a business must be owned and controlled by a veteran. To us, it means a lot more than that. It means applying the same values we learned while serving in the military to the way we do business. Being a veteran means knowing how to work hard and to follow through on our goals. More importantly, it means having a sense of honor. We value that honor in everything we do, from our relationships with customers and business partners to the quality of our products. We hand-picked our products to ensure that they are quality built, reliable and beautiful. We believe in doing right by our customer, and we are committed to consistently creating the highest quality customer experience possible; it’s part of our duty as a veteran-owned business.

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