Lake & Pond Fountains

Lake and Pond Water Features come in a wide range of styles and prices, and add a stunning visual element to any outdoor setting. They also provide aeration to keep your water features healthy and thriving.

Lake and Pond Aerators

Keeping water bodies oxygenated (aerated) is a very important aspect of maintenance for any lake or pond owner. Even the smallest ponds need to be aerated to stay healthy. And larger water bodies, such as lakes used for kayaking and fishing, will suffer without sufficient aeration.

When a pond or lake has no means of water circulation (such as a flowing stream) the only movement of water may be through surface agitation from wind - but that's it. The result is stagnant water resulting from a lack of oxygenation below the surface. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for all sorts of unwanted growth, from algae to bacteria to insects.

Visualize Your Choice of Fountain on Your Pond

Moreover, stagnant water can deprive fish of much-needed oxygen, making them extremely unhealthy or resulting in a complete die-off. Stagnant water is aesthetically displeasing and can result in nasty odors as biological decay increases. 

Pond and lake aerators are designed to circulate water, adding much-needed oxygen to subsurface and surface areas. In doing so, it makes it very difficult for algae and bacteria to get a foothold and bloom, and your fish will be happier, healthier (and tastier).

Choosing the Best Model

It is important to choose fountains or aerators that are large enough to handle the volume of water in your lake or pond. There are a number of ways to calculate the size of your water body, one of the easiest being the use of Google Earth area measurement tool. The goal to make sure that the whole body of water will get movement, circulation, and oxygen. We provide information with each product to help ensure that the unit will meet your needs; in some cases, customers will select two or more units, to sufficiently oxygenate their water bodies (you can't have too much oxygen).