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  • What is the difference between the Scott Aquasweep and Scott dock mounted de-icer. They look very similar.

    While Scott's Aquasweep and Dock Mounted De-Icer do look similar and perform similar functions - there are important differences between them.

    1. On the two models, the motor is placed at different locations in the tube where it is mounted. The motor in the Aquasweep is mounted farther back in the tube than it is on the deicer. This gives the Aquasweep a longer barrel that creates a more concentred steam of water than on the de-icer. This allows the Aquaspeep to reach out and to move muck and bottom debris farther out that deicer would be able to do - and to create a clear area up to 100 feet in diameter. If you look at pictures of both the Aquasweep and the de-icer, you will notice that the Aquasweep's motor sticks farther out the back of the tube than it does on the de-icer.

    2. The de-icer's mount allows the tube holding the motor to be aimed up towards the surface of the water at a higher angle than can be achieved on the Aquasweep.  This allows the de-icer to push relatively warmer water from near the bottom towards the surface and keep the area ice-free. The motor placement on the de-icer complements this by creating a more diffused -less concentrated stream of water while the Aquaspeep's more concentrated steam would not be as effective at de-icing.

    3. The standard cord length on the Aquasweep is 50 ft long, while the de-icer's standard cord length is 25 ft.

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