Color Changing Vases

Kinetic Water Features is proud to offer the stunning color changing vases from Atlantic Water Gardens. These are bubbling fountain with attractive granite finish during the day, that glow with brilliant color at night. Perfect to create an aesthetic and sonorous focal point to any garden landscape.
$1,207.99 $1,062.99
SAVE $145.00

Oase Water Quintet Lighted Jumping Jet Fountain

$1,022.98 $959.98
SAVE $63.00

Aquascape Medium Stacked Urn Fountain Kit

$450.99 $396.99
SAVE $54.00

Atlantic 46" Fountain Basin Model FB4600

$370.99 $325.99
SAVE $45.00

Atlantic Flexible Hardscape Basin Liner

$509.98 $463.98
SAVE $46.00

Aquascape Small Stacked Slate Urn Kit

$318.99 $280.99
SAVE $38.00

Atlantic 32" Fountain Basin Model FB3200

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