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  • I currently have a cement square pool that is 7 ft by 7 ft and is 18 inches deep. will this size work?

    Yes, the quintet would work well in that sized pool.

  • If one fountain stops working, is a single replacement fountain available for purchase or do we have to buy a whole kit again? Also, if a replacement fountain is available for purchase, what is the cost?

    All parts for the Quintet are available to order, including the pumps and the nozzles with the integrated lights. The Quintet comes with a 3-year warranty, and replacement parts are covered under this warranty during this period.

  • We like this fountain's features. Do you have a manufacturer similar to this one where we can also remotely control the lighting color?

    This fountain is only available in white. You can add some color spotlights near the jets to add color to the water streams. The Easy Installation Guide shows this.

  • I do not have a pond would this still work for me in my front yard?

    If you do not have a pond in your front yard, you can add a basin to install it in. Our 48-inch square basin works well with the Oase Water Quintet.

  • Is there a way for it to be tied in with music and it dance with the music?

    Unfortunately, there is not any current way to make this dance and move to the sound of music.

  • Hi. The Water Quintet, as shown is a circular unit. However, I notice that on the product demo video one of the installations shows the fountains in a linear pattern spaced along a rectangular pool. How is that achieved?

    Here is a link to a video showing how you can prepare and deploy the Water Quintet in a linear pattern and in other creative installations.
    Here is a link to our Easy Install Guide that also has information about this.

  • In the pictures I see online it looks like the plug is for a European outlet. Is there an option with an American outlet plug?

    The Oase Water Quintet ships with a standard 120V US plug. The product was originally marketed in Europe, that is why some pictures have the wrong plug.

  • Hi - I like this fountain kit - but I'd like something bigger. Do you have any suggestions?

    The Water Quintet comes as a preconfigured product that has the ability to "dance" or vary the height of the jets. At this time, there is not an off-the-shelf product that can create this effect on a larger scale. That being said we have helped other clients design and install fountains with multiple water jets for their gardens and ponds that can go up to 8 - 10 ft tall (or higher!) in both pond and pondless installations. The water jets also have the ability to lit by color changing LED lights. Please contact us by calling 800-291-3013 or by emailing and we can also help you with your fountain.

  • Hello, Will the cable to the fountain fit inside a 3/4 inch conduit pipe? Thanks, Alan

    The size of the cable bundle is not published by the manufacturer. The cable bundle is made up of 10 individual cables with plugs on the end. They are enclosed in a spiral wrap cable cover. The spiral wrap could be removed for installation of the cables are through the conduit. And while individual cables or a couple of cables at a time would easily fit inside a 3/4 inch conduit, I do not think that you would be able to feed ALL of the cables through one 3/4" conduit. The best bet would be to remove the spiral wrap and then to stagger the plugs and tape them to a pull string for installation through the conduit. Once you finish attaching the plugs to the pull string, you should easily be able to figure out what size conduit (or if you install multiple 3/4" conduits - how many) would be required.  If you look at the installation video from the link below, you can see the relative size of the cable plugs as compared to the man's fingers.
    Click here for video

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