Pond Aeration

Nov 19, 2017
Pond Aeration
Does your property have a small lake or pond that is murky or mucky? Are you worried about the health of your aquatic habitat?
Aeration Systems by Atlantic Water Gardens offer everything you need for the health and maintenance of large ponds and lakes. Their sophisticated suite of products includes Air Compressors, Diffusers and accessories optimized for every size and depth body of water.
Why Aeration? Oxygen is essential to the biology of a healthy pond or lake, but it’s often in short supply. When there isn’t enough oxygen, fish and other aquatic animals can suffocate, wastes generate noxious gases and water may foul.
Subsurface aeration brings oxygen levels up, dissipates toxic gases and evens out temperature and saturation levels throughout the water feature. Aeration is also the most efficient way to circulate water, moving 10 times as much per watt as water pumps.
Finally, aeration greatly accelerates the decomposition of solid and dissolved wastes. Although smaller water features may respond to other strategies, aeration is the only way to effectively manage nutrient removal, algae, water quality and clarity in larger lakes, not to mention reducing pests and parasites.

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