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  • How is this installed with a shinmaywa norus 50cr2.15s?

    Thanks for asking!

    The low water cutoff switch works by a free-swinging float (1) that moves up and down with the water level. When the water level gets low (as I have shown with the red squiggly line) the float drops down and the weight of the float turns off the pump until the water level rises again. The water enters the bottom of the pump as shown by the multiple arrows. You can attach the bracket (2) that supports the swing float to the discharge pipe or to another structure near the pump. Make sure to locate it at a high enough level so that when the float hangs down, it is above the intake of the pump
    The pump attaches to the float valve via a piggyback power plug. The float valve plus into the power receptacle, and the pump plugs into the BACK of the float valve's power plug (where the red arrow is pointing).

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