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Kasco Robust-Aire RA2 Pond Aeration Kit with 2 Diffusers Customer Reviews

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  • I also have a pond that is say 3/4 of an acre round. But it’s only about 2 or 3 feet deep at the most. What could I use to aerate that?. There are fish and newts. Actually very clean water. No weeds in either pond. There’s quite a bit of running water coming into them and going out of them. I’d say about 500 gallons an hour. Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciate it I’d like to get the MUCK out.

    Your best option for aerating a shallow pond like this would be with a surface aerator, such as the Kasco 2400AF or the 3400AF. They provide lots of aeration and can operate in water as shallow as 15 inches of water. To help circulate the aerated water throughout the pond, you could also install a Kasco water circulator such as the Kasco 2400CF

  • How many diffusers do I need for a pond that is about 1/8th to 1/4 of an acre and 8 feet deep at the most?

    You would usually only need 1 diffuser for a pond of this size. However, if the pond is longer and/or not a uniform shape it might require 2 diffusers. Please contact us with your pond's address and we can look it up on satellite and make a recommendation.

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