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  • How far out does the 24" Colorfall project the water?

    It depends on the flow rate going through the Colorfalls, as well as where the ColorFalls is placed. According to Atlantic Water Gardens, the projection is 13-15" when it is installed at a height of 18" and running at the maximum flow rate of 2400 gph.

  • Can the Atlantic Color Changing Colorfalls be used in a pool without your pump or basin?

    Yes, the Atlantic Color Changing Colorfalls spillways are very popular and are a great choice for swimming pool installations. All you need to do is route the plumbing up and connect it into the back of the Colorfalls with 1.5" PVC male threaded adapters. Each Atlantic Color Changing Colorfalls ships with a transformer (that plugs into 120V), a color controller and a remote control.

    A couple of things to keep in mind:

    1. The Color Changing LED lights work great and last a long time, but like everything electronic, the LED light strip may need to be replaced one day. The lights usually last 5 to 7 years. You need to install the Color Changing Colorfalls so you can access the back of the spillway in the future so the spillway's back can be removed for maintenance later if needed.

    2. The Color Changing Colorfalls require adequate water flow to give the sheer waterfall effect. The 36" requires 3600 GPH, the 24" requires 2400 GPH, the 12" requires 1200 GPH and the 6" requires 600 GPH.

    3. This spillway works great when it is connected to your pool's pump and plumbing. However, do not undersize the PVC pipes bringing water to the spillway. The pipe should be at least a 1.5" PVC pipe, if not larger. Larger PVC plumbing is required if it is a long pipe run bringing water to the spillway or if you're installing multiple spillways. 

    4. If the 20 ft. long cord attached to the Colorfall is not long enough, you can add extension cords if required.

    5. If you need to route the cable through conduit, the conduit should be at least 1" inner diameter so the cable connector can fit through the conduit.

    6. If you will be adding multiple Colorfalls in your installation, the 3-way wiring splitter will allow multiple spillways to be controlled by one remote control which will keep the colors in sync.

    If you have questions, you can send us a picture of your pool or you can contact us about your design to get our opinion about how best to install the Colorfalls in your pool.

  • I was wanting a longer spillway than 36", can you help?

    Sure. The Atlantic Color Changing Colorfalls can be connected together to create seamless spillways of up to 15 ft long. Each Color Changing Colorfall ships with a PVC connector that can be used to connect multiple Color Changing Colorfalls together. Once the Colorfalls are connected together, when the water is flowing you cannot tell that it is actually two spillways connected together - the water cascades in one seamless sheet of water.

    Any length from 6 inches up to 15 ft long can be created. The possible lengths increase in multiples of 6 inches.

    Lengths of 6", 12", 18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48", 60", 66", 72", 78", 84", 90" and so on up to 15 ft long are possible.

    Just keep in mind that when you connect multiple spillways together, you'll want to ensure that you have adequate water flow to create the sheer waterfall effect. The Color Changing Colorfalls require 100 gallons per hour (GPH) per inch of spillway. Therefore a 90" spillway would require 9,000 GPH.

    The PVC plumbing required to move this much water will need to be oversized to ensure adequate flow at the spillway. Please contact us for a recommendation if you have questions.

    The wiring from all of the Color Changing Colorfalls will need to connect to one color controller/one transformer to ensure that all of the LEDs change color in unison. This is achieved to connecting each of the 20 ft cords coming from each spillway's LED strip to wiring splitters. Multiple wiring-splitters can be daisy-chained together for large installations.

  • hello I install three watefalls different sizes 12, 24, and 36 in a vertical way , water does not go to the top spill way, the other two work perfectly. Lighting work perfer in all three. What can i do in this case to make the third waterfall work?

    If you have 3 waterfalls at different heights, the water will want to exit the lowest spillways first. The solution is to install a ball valve on the inlet PVC pipe to each spillway. This way you can close off the ball valves on the lower units and this will allow you to tune and balance the water flows between the spillways.

  • Can these be used on a salt water pool?

    Yes - the Atlantic Color Changing Colorfalls work great in salt water pools. The salt will not affect them at all.

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