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Atlantic Colorfalls - Solid Color Sheer Lighted Waterfall Spillways Customer Reviews

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  • Does your kit include basin & pump?

    This listing is just for the Colorfall spillway. To complete the installation you would need to purchase one of our complete basin kits that come with a properly sized basin, pump and everything else you need to finish the installation.

    Complete kit for use with 12" Colorfall

    Complete kit for use with 24" Colorfall

    Complete kit for use with 36" Colorfall

  • Can the Atlantic solid color Colorfalls be used in a pool without your pump or basin?

    Yes, the Atlantic Colorfalls spillways are very popular and are a great choice for swimming pool installations. All you need to do is route the plumbing up and connect into the back of the Colorfalls with a 1.5" PVC male threaded adapter. Each Atlantic Colorfalls ships with a transformer that plugs into 120V power to power the LED. You connect the transformer to the 20 ft cord that is attached to the LED in the spillway.

    A couple of things to keep in mind:

    1. The LED lights work great and last a long time, but like everything electronic, the LED light strip may need to be replaced one day. The lights usually last 5 to 7 years. Because the lights may need to be replaced, you do NOT want to cement the spillway in place. Make sure the spillway is installed so it can be removed for maintenance later if needed.

    2. The solid color Colorfalls spillways require adequate water flow to give the sheer waterfall effect. The 36" requires 3000 GPH, the 24" requires 2000 GPH and the 12" requires 1000 GPH.

    3. This spillway works great when it is connected to your pool's pump and plumbing. However, do not undersize the PVC pipes bringing water to the spillway. The pipe should be at least a 1.5" PVC pipe, if not larger. Larger PVC plumbing is required if it is a long pipe run bringing water to the spillway or if you're installing multiple spillways.

    4. If the 20 ft. long cord attached to the Colorfall is not long enough, you can add extension cords if needed.

    5. If you need to route the cable through conduit, it should be at least 1" conduit so the cable connector can fit through the conduit.

    6. If you will be adding multiple Colorfalls in your installation, the 4-way wiring splitter will allow multiple spillways to run off one transformer.

    If you have questions, you can send us a picture of your pool or you can contact us about your design to get our opinion about how best to install the Colorfalls in your pool.

  • Can this waterfall with light be used in a chlorine pool?

    Yes - Atlantic Solid Colored Colorfalls can be used in both chlorine and saltwater pools.

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