Oase Aquarius Eco Expert Dancing Fountain Pump Demonstration

The Oase Aquarius Eco Expert pumps are unique in the water feature industry. The pumps incorporate advanvced German fountain technology that has been simplified for consumer use. Using technology from the commercial OASE Fountain Technology division, DMX-RDM controllable fountain pumps and lighting are now available to private users. This is the same technology used in the huge fountain and light displays such as at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, only now available in a scaled down - easy to use format.

The Oase Aquarius Eco Expert pumps can be manually controlled or assigned a preprogrammed runtime profile or "scene" that can vary the pump's output between 10% and 100% of maxiumum water flow. When attached to a fountain nozzle or mutiple nozzles, the changing water flow causes the water jets to appear to dance.

Scene 1 comes preprogrammed into each Oase Aquarius Eco Expert pump. However, when the pump is connected to the the OASE EGC Controller Cloud device, it can be controlled by your smart phone using a free to download app. The OASE Easy Control App (avaialbe from your devices app store) enables the user to manually control the output of the pump, or they can assign one of twelve preprogrammed scenes to the pump.



Scene 1 ~ 300 Seconds Long


Scene 2 ~ 22 Seconds Long


Scene 3 ~ 24 Seconds Long


Scene 4 ~ 120 Seconds Long


Scene 5 ~ 18 Seconds Long


Scene 6 ~ 17 Seconds Long


Scene 7 ~ 40 Seconds Long


Scene 8 ~ 40 Seconds Long


Scene 9 ~ 6 Seconds Long


Scene 10 ~ 8 Seconds Long


Scene 11 ~ 6 Seconds Long


Scene 12 ~ 5 Seconds Long

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