Kasco Marine Warranty Page

Our Warranty:

Kasco Marine, Inc. warrants products to be free from defects in material and/or workmanship (except for ropes, power cords, and propellers) under normal use and service.  This limited warranty obligates Kasco Marine, Inc. to replace or repair any defective part within the warranty period at no cost to the customer.  Shipping charges to Kasco Marine or an Authorized Repair Center are the responsibility of the customer.  This warranty is in lieu of any other warranties, expressed or implied, and any other obligation or liability whatsoever on the part of Kasco Marine and in no event shall Kasco Marine be liable for any special or consequential damages.

Make sure to register your product here for warranty purposes.

Warranty Periods & Associated Products:


  • Teich-Aire™ Linear Compressors
  • Bantam-Aire™ Diffused Aeration Kits
  • Bantam-Aire™ stand alone diffusers


  • xStream 2400SF Decorative Fountains
  • All other 2400’s, 3400’s, 4400’s
  • All 50Hz fountain, aerator, de-icer and circulator models
  • LEDC11 Composite Light Kits
  • LEDS19 Stainless Steel Light Kits
  • RGB LED Light Kits
  • Puck Light Kits
  • Teich-Aire™ Rocking Piston Compressors
  • CertiSafe™ Circulators / Mixers


  • 8400, 3.1, 5.1, 2.3, 3.3, 5.3, 7.3 models


  • Diffuser assembly for Robust-Aire™ Systems
  • Base mount and post mount cabinets for Robust-Aire™ Systems


  •  SureSink™ Weighted Tubing for Robust-Aire™ Systems

Control panels are included in warranty.

Warranty is Void:

  • If the product is not maintained properly according to the Maintenance Recommendations supplied in the owners manuals
  • If the product is returned for repair without the power cord
  • If the unit, control box, or power cord are altered in anyway form the original shipment; cuts in the power cord and field splices are not covered under the warranty
  • If product is used without supplied GFI control box
  • If product is damaged by unauthorized tampering
  • If sacrificial zinc anode around propeller shaft shows significant deterioration

Warranty Clarifications Relative to Cords:

  • If cord plug was cut to hardwire unit it is covered by warranty
  • If cord was cut to hardwire but water entered cord from cut end due to insufficient sealing then it is not covered by warranty
  • If the cord was spliced the unit remains under warranty but not the cord; if cord leaks water to motor causing damage then that damage is not covered by warranty. NOTE: UL designation is lost if cord is spliced

Units under warranty may be sent to any Kasco authorized repair center for evaluation and repair. All units must include the Repair Contact Form.

Kasco Marine, Inc.
800 Deere Road, Prescott, WI 54021
(Or call 715-262-4488 to locate nearest authorized repair center.)

Note: Only complete motor assemblies will be accepted for warranty repair. The power cord and all other components must be returned with the motor as originally assembled. Any missing parts will be replaced at the customer’s expense and, if determined to have caused the failure, could void the entire warranty. Some parts are essential for structural support during shipping and others, such as the power cord, are essential to properly diagnose potential causes of failure. It is not necessary to return the float or control box with the motor assembly.

Please include a shipping address (physical address) for return delivery of the repaired unit and a daytime phone number and/or e-mail address for correspondence regarding the warranty claim.

Kasco Marine will return units repaired under warranty at our expense via ground freight within the continental United States.  Any expedited shipping method for the return of the unit is at the customer’s expense.

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