Smart Phone Controlled OASE ProfiLux RGB Spotlights

The OASE ProfiLux LED RGB is an advanced, DMX controllable, multi-colored, submersible lighting system incorporating sophisticated German fountain technology simplified for consumer use.

Using technology from the commercial OASE Fountain Technology division, DMX-RDM controllable fountain pumps and lighting are now available to private users. This is the same technology used in the huge fountain and light displays such as at the Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, only now available in a scaled down - easy to use format.

The OASE ProfiLux LED RGB lighting system works in conjunction with the OASE EGC Controller Cloud control unit. The LED lights are controlled via a free to download app on your devices app store. The OASE Easy Control App enables touch screen control of the lighting system, with features including:

  • On/Off.
  • Fixed Color Selection Standard (Red, Green, Blue).
  • Fixed Color Selection Wheel (Whole Spectrum).
  • Brightness Slider (0-100%).
  • Light Show Scene (11 Selectable color-changing programs).
  • Light Show Tempo (0-100% Speed control of all light show scenes).
  • Light Show Scene Selections
    1. Strobe
    2. Fire
    3. Ice
    4. Colorful
    5. Aurora
    6. Evening Mood
    7. Water
    8. Rose Color
    9. Colorful Purple
    10. Meadow
    11. Rainbow

ProfiLux LED RGB spotlights are connected to a submersible ProfiLux Garden LED Controller which acts an LED driver. Up to 4 LED spotlights can be connected per controller. A DMX-RDM control cable plugs into each driver and into the OASE EGC Controller Cloud. This allows the cloud controller to transfer instructions to the LED driver which then changes the light settings. A smartphone or tablet with the app loaded on it provides the method of control.

The bright 7.5 watt RGB LED lights are pre-wired with a 16.5 ft cable which connects to the driver via special watertight plugs. These watertight connections make the entire lighting system suitable for outdoor and underwater use.

The LED driver is connected to the OASE EGC Controller Cloud via a DMX cable with the same waterproof plug. ProfiLux RGB Extension Cables can be used to increase the distance between the spotlights and the driver, up to a maximum reach of 41 feet.

The DMX Cable can also be extended using additional EGC Connection Cables and EGC Cable Connectors.

Multiple ProfiLux RGB LED light systems can be controlled via the same EGC Controller Cloud device and app. This is achieved by connecting transformers together with DMX-RDM cables. Each LED driver is controlled independently by the app. All ProfiLux LED lights connected to the same transformer will synchronize and lights on separate transformers are controlled independently.

The EGC Controller Cloud can also be used to connect and control fountain pumps via on/off and variable speed pre-programmed scenes. These features allow your smartphone to control water features and fountains as well as full-color control of the lighting system.

The EGC Controller Cloud is connected to the internet and will allow the fountain and lights to be controlled from anywhere.





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