Kasco Marine J Series or VFX Series. Can't Decide? Let Us Help

Our customers like to shop around before they buy. They like to educate themselves as to their various options when it comes to pond fountains and aeration. This makes us happy.

And as a result, two of the most common questions we receive include “What’s the difference between the J Series and VFX Series?” and “Which should I buy?” We carry both Series, as well as their accessory lighting and nozzles, so when you decide you will know where to shop.

We know it can be easy to get lost in all the technical details and differences in design and performance, but if you just want a broad comparison of these two lines, here it is.

J Series Decorative Fountains

Kasco J Series Decorative Fountains give you the versatility, performance, and reliability you need. Ranging from 1/2HP to 7.5HP, there is a Kasco J Series Fountain perfect for any size pond or lake. The J Series corrosion and clog resistant technology offer reliability that is unparalleled by any other outdoor fountain brand. All J Series Fountains come with multiple nozzles that deliver beautiful, elegant spray patterns. 

kasco marine j series 4400 cypress pattern

The main advantage of J Series Decorative Fountains is they come with a full set of easily interchangeable nozzles; meaning you can simply and easily switch out the nozzle and create a completely different look for your waterscape.

The J Series displays are typically larger and more decorative looking than the VFX Series, but also have less flow so they are less effective at aeration. Simply put, the J Series offers the most decorative displays, but not the best for aeration. Due to the less effective aeration, we recommend these at about 3HP per acre for sizing. However, most customers choose a size based on a specific pattern size or shape.

VFX Series Decorative Fountains

Kasco VFX Series Aerating Fountains set the standard by which all aerating pond fountains are measured. These units deliver both superior oxygenation and aesthetic brilliance, making this a true dual-purpose fountain. As the leader in pond aeration, the VFX aerating fountains have been designed with clog-resistant technology to ensure you are buying the most efficient unit on the market. Use our VFX Series in your pond, on the lake, in a landscaped water body, or even in industrial applications to help promote evaporation.

kasco marine 4400 vfx aerating fountain

The VFX Series provides a single V shape display pattern that cannot be changed like the J Series. However, what you are giving up in display options, you are gaining in aeration and water movement. The VFX Series offer better flow and aeration benefits than the J Series and will outperform the J Series horsepower for horsepower when it comes to aeration. Therefore, we recommend these at a rate of 2HP per acre for aeration purposes.

So, which is best for you? That all depends on your pond and your goals. Both series of fountains will provide at least one display and both will provide water movement and aeration; you just get more of one and less of the other depending on the style you choose.

If the displays and patterns are your #1 priority, the J Series is the best choice. If you’re leaning more toward aeration benefits but would also like a display, then the VFX is your best choice. Sized properly, you can’t go wrong either way. If you would like to talk to a Kasco tech specialist regarding which fountain is best for you, feel free to call us at 800-291-3013 or email us at info@kineticwaterfeatures.com

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